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Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart (07.09.2019) ( Free Download )

Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart (07.09.2019)
 File Information:
Artist : VA
Album : Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart (07.09.2019)
Genre : Pop, Euro, Indie, Folk, Hip-Hop, RnB
Release : 2019
Tracks : 100
Quality: Mp3, 320kbps, CBR
Total Size: 770 Mb
01. Lizzo - Truth Hurts
02. Shawn Mendes - Señorita
03. Billie Eilish - bad guy
04. Taylor Swift - You Need To Calm Down
05. Lil Nas X - Old Town Road (Remix)
06. Lil Tecca - Ransom
07. Chris Brown - No Guidance
08. Khalid - Talk
09. Ed Sheeran - I Don't Care
10. Taylor Swift - Lover
11. Taylor Swift - ME! (feat. Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco)
12. Post Malone - Goodbyes
13. Lewis Capaldi - Someone You Loved
14. Drake - Money In The Grave
15. Jonas Brothers - Sucker
16. Shawn Mendes - If I Can't Have You
17. Post Malone - Sunflower
18. DaBaby - Suge
19. Blanco Brown - The Git Up
20. Ed Sheeran - Beautiful People (feat. Khalid)
21. Saweetie - My Type
22. Ariana Grande & Social House - Boyfriend
23. Taylor Swift - The Man [New Entry]
24. Quality Control - Baby
25. Young Thug - The London (feat. J. Cole & Travis Scott)
26. Sam Smith - Dancing With A Stranger
27. Luke Combs - Beer Never Broke My Heart
28. Taylor Swift - I Forgot That You Existed [New Entry]
29. Taylor Swift - Cruel Summer [New Entry]
30. POLO G - Pop Out
31. Megan Thee Stallion - Hot Girl Summer (feat. Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign)
32. Halsey - Without Me
33. Dan + Shay - Speechless
34. Luke Bryan - Knockin' Boots
35. Post Malone - Wow.
36. Sam Smith - How Do You Sleep
37. Panic! At the Disco - Hey Look Ma, I Made It
38. Taylor Swift - The Archer [Re Entry]
39. Young Thug - Hot (feat. Gunna)
40. Lil Nas X - Panini
41. Shaed - Trampoline
42. Megan Thee Stallion - Cash Shit (feat. DaBaby)
43. Ariana Grande - 7 rings
44. Jonas Brothers - Only Human
45. Taylor Swift - Paper Rings [New Entry]
46. Blake Shelton - God's Country
47. Morgan Wallen - Whiskey Glasses
48. Dan + Shay - All To Myself
49. Taylor Swift - Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince [New Entry]
50. NLE Choppa - Shotta Flow
51. Taylor Swift - I Think He Knows [New Entry]
52. Lizzo - Good as Hell [New Entry]
53. Justin Moore - The Ones That Didn’t Make It Back Home
54. Young Thug - Bad Bad Bad (feat. Lil Baby)
55. Wale - On Chill (feat. Jeremih)
56. Jason Aldean - Rearview Town
57. Taylor Swift - Cornelia Street [New Entry]
58. Anuel Aa - China (feat. J Balvin & Ozuna)
59. Marshmello - One Thing Right (feat. Kane Brown)
60. Sech - Otro Trago (feat. Darell)
61. Sarah Jeffery - Queen of Mean
62. Taylor Swift - London Boy [New Entry]
63. Taylor Swift - Soon You’ll Get Better (feat. Dixie Chicks) [New Entry]
64. Miley Cyrus - Slide Away
65. 5 Seconds Of Summer - Easier
66. Normani - Motivation
67. Taylor Swift - Death By A Thousand Cuts [New Entry]
68. Chris Lane - I Don't Know About You
69. Bad Bunny - Callaita
70. Lil Tjay - F.N
71. Y2K - Lalala
72. NF - Time
73. Dierks Bentley - Living
74. Matt Stell - Prayed For You
75. Taylor Swift - Afterglow [New Entry]
76. Carrie Underwood - Southbound
77. Taylor Swift - False God [New Entry]
78. Ali Gatie - It's You
79. The Chainsmokers - Call You Mine
80. Ellie Goulding - Hate Me
81. Cole Swindell - Love You Too Late
82. Lizzo - Juice [Re Entry]
83. Mustard - Ballin’
84. YG - Go Loko
85. Cardi B - Press
86. Jhay Cortez - No Me Conoce (Remix)
87. Summer Walker - Playing Games [New Entry]
88. Kenny Chesney - Tip of My Tongue
89. Taylor Swift - Daylight [New Entry]
90. Chris Young - Raised on Country
91. Old Dominion - One Man Band [New Entry]
92. Taylor Swift - It’s Nice To Have A Friend [New Entry]
93. Khalid - Right Back
94. Katy Perry - Never Really Over
95. Mustard - Baguettes in the Face [Re Entry]
96. Tyler, The Creator – Earfquake
97. Lunay - Soltera (Remix)
98. DaBaby - Baby Sitter (feat. Offset)
99. Lil Tecca - Did It Again
100. Runaway June - Buy My Own Drinks


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Lil Nas X - 7 2019 ( Free Download )

Lil Nas X - 7 2019
Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” has burrowed itself into the consciousness of an entire nation, managing to stay at No. 1 on the Billboard charts for 11 weeks and elbowing out Elmo on the elementary-school popularity index. It’s part luck, part genius, part of the YeeHaw agenda, a song so unstoppable, it has actually shifted the status quo of country music and is currently one of the biggest singles—and memes—of all time. Even if you pass on bootcut jeans, the meme has the same contagious effect.

Before he became the newly crowned prince of country, Lil Nas X was just another guy looking for fame by quietly throwing his music onto SoundCloud. When it happened, it happened fast: A $30 YouTube beat, a hypnotic Nine Inch Nails sample, a faux-twangy accent, and “Old Town Road” went from a viral moment on TikTok to the center of a controversy about whether or not the song could be classified as country music. (It was initially removed from the Billboard country chart because it did not “embrace enough elements of today’s country music.”) One irresistible, if slightly harrowing Billy Ray Cyrus remix later, and Lil Nas X was back—not just on the country charts, but on the Hot 100 with the biggest song in the U.S.

To Lil Nas X’s benefit, it never mattered whether “Old Town Road” was good or bad. It’s so good it’s bad; it’s so bad it’s good. It’s a critical hall of mirrors from which there is no escape. Criticizing “Old Town Road” is like trying to fight the sun. From the start, the song was completely aware that it was essentially a meme. Everyone was in on the joke, and if you tried to criticize the joke, you were now the joke who was trying to ruin everyone’s fun. The fact that Lil Nas X’s vocals were easily imitable or that the lyrics were packed with country buzzwords gleaned from “Red Dead Redemption 2” or that the drums could be programmed by your little cousin who heard Astroworld one time was irrelevant. “Old Town Road” was a spectacle and everyone loved being a part of the ride.

File Information:
Artist: Lil Nas X
Album: 7
Released: 2019
Style: Hip Hop
Format: MP3 320Kbps
Size: 47 Mb
01.Old Town Road (Remix)
03.F9mily (You & Me)
04.Kick It
06.Bring U Down
07.C7osure (You Like)
08.Old Town Road


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Famous Last Words - Arizona 2019 ( Free Download )

Famous Last Words - Arizona 2019
Famous Last Words - Arizona 2019
 Struggle has been nothing new for Petoskey, MI’s Famous Last Words. From member changes, to overcoming personal demons, the hardships may have been private but the toll they’ve taken on the band is apparent. As a band who made a name for themselves with conceptual records (Two-Faced Charade, Council of the Dead, The Incubus), it was a hard pill to swallow when fans were told that the next release would not be conceptual. However, what ended up being recorded was one of the most personal, heartfelt and grueling journeys that the band has overcome. Arizona was recorded with Matt Good (From First to Last, Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows) at Good Sounds in Tempe, AZ. The title of the EP borrows more from just the location that it was recorded at. These songs marked a turning point for the band and a step forward into the future with their best material to date. Entirely written, recorded and produced at Good Sounds, these songs take (lyrically) from personal experiences that vocalist, JT Tollas, has been through and give you a deeper look into who he is.

Vocally, Tollas has never sounded better. While The Incubus saw a lot of subtleties to his voice that, honestly, I’d hoped we hear more of in the future, Arizona sees him coming into his own. His range has grown, his screams have gotten a lot more powerful and his breath control is (no pun intended) breathtaking. Having released 3 albums and an EP under the FLW moniker, he’s not a stranger to recording/releasing music and it has always been apparent, from the beginning. On this EP, there are no frills, no strings attached and no gimmicks needed to get the message across. In a way, Arizona is both the band stripping down to bare bones and really projecting their individual talents. Sure, there are some effects here and there but they aren’t so overly-used that you can’t recognize who is performing which part. There’s no competition here, just friends creating beautiful music together. The band is connected in a way that you just don’t hear anymore and it’s evident. This is also the first release to feature the band’s new drummer, Cody Paige, and his playing style really meshes well with the rest of the band. The video for lead single, “No Walls” features a funeral procession, making it a very melancholic experience to watch but lends to the theme of the song. It speaks on questioning one’s existence and wondering if the correct decisions were made, throughout a lifetime. I also believe it speaks on the hopelessness one can feel, when suffering grief from the loss of a loved one.

“Runaways” lends a more melodic sound and speaks on throwing all your trust into someone, only to find out that they aren’t who they say they are. This track has remained one of my favorites, from the time it was released, as it’s an incredibly relatable subject and it’s just so catchy!

“The Game” is JT’s perspective on being in a band and the tough times you can face, along with being away from family for so long. Something that guitarist, Evan Foley, just divulged in a recent live video is that the lyric “Thank God I’ve printed on my skin “Never Give Up” is a reference to a tattoo that each member of the band shares. It’s a reminder of the brotherhood that the band shares and a daily reminder that, no matter how hard it gets, they can always through anything together. This track is a reflection of who the band is and why they continue to push through, regardless of what happens.

“Broken Glass” is another track that features a lot more melody and, honestly, feels like where FLW could fit in if they were ever to send a single to radio. Even with the screams, they lend well to one another and the chorus feels very pop/rock. This track, once again, sees JT reflecting on what it takes to be in a band and, where each step they take to success, can lead to a mile of failure. This track sees him really utilizing his higher range, as well.

“Scream” is as close as you’re going to get, on this release, to heavier tracks in their catalog such as “The Killing Zone,” “Legends and Legacies” and even “The Judged.” Featuring a much faster-paced, thrashier style this track will get you moving in a heartbeat. If no other song on the EP starts a mosh, it will be this one. There is even a heavier edge to the chorus, in terms of how the underlying instrumentals come together. It feels a bit darker than most tracks on Arizona. Also, if you liked the faster screaming style that was prevalent in Two-Faced Charade, you’ll really enjoy the way the verses for this one sound. The theme lends to the idea that we only have one life and the fact that you should live it to the fullest, regardless of what others may think.

Arizona is much more than just another EP, it’s a refreshing look at the direction this already-impressive band could take, outside of their conceptual nature. Allowing for a deeper look into JT’s psyche, this EP allows a more intimate connection to he and the band. Sure, the sound is anything groundbreaking or “new” but FLW has never needed that. They sit at the top of their genre for their songwriting capabilities and JT’s ability to weave a story out of life experiences. Arizona is out today, via SBG Records, so be sure to pick it up or stream it, wherever you listen to music these days! Check out the videos released for tracks from the EP below, “Broken Glass” premieres today so keep an eye on their social media channels for that one!

File Information:
Artist: Famous Last Words
Album: Arizona
Released: 2019
Style: Post-Hardcore
Format: MP3 320Kbps
Size: 38 Mb
Total Track: 5 track
Album Review  
02.The Game
03.Broken Glass
05.No Walls

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J Balvin & Bad Bunny - OASIS 2019 ( Free Download )

J Balvin & Bad Bunny - OASIS 2019
J Balvin & Bad Bunny - OASIS 2019
 As Alejandro “Sky” Ramirez wrote J Balvin’s verse on “Un Peso”—a standout on his new collaborative album with Puerto Rico’s Bad Bunny—the Colombian musician recalled an old song from the Argentinian rock band Los Enanitos Verdes that his family used to drink and party to back in his hometown of Medellín. Their 1994 hit “Lamento Boliviano” was drenched in self-medication and singer/bassist Marciano Cantero’s romantic pathos offered the kind of lyrics that get screamed back at you when sung to packed stadiums: “Y yo estoy aquí, borracho y loco (And here I am, drunk and crazy)/Y mi corazón idiota, siempre brillará” (And my idiot heart, always shining). For J Balvin, Sky flipped part of the original hook to turn Balvin from the heartbroken to the heartbreaker: “Y tu corazón idiota siempre me extrañará” (“And your idiot heart will always miss me”). Over the course of a single day, what began as a half-serious gag—what if we got Cantero in the booth?—ended with a phone call from the Argentine asking for stems. “It was kind of a joke in the studio,” Sky told Rolling Stone. “But they take the jokes very seriously.”

“Un Peso” captures the appeal of Oasis; frothy music made by serious talents. The reigning princes of urbano spend much of the album’s 31-minute runtime promoting tropical hedonist pursuits: too-tiny bikinis, excessive alcohol consumption, ostentatious displays of wealth, and unprotected sex. They bro down over dembow beats and pack as many dancing women as possible into their music videos. It’s goofy, but incredibly fun—a soundtrack for beach BBQs and ad hoc fire-hydrant water parks, summer vibes made manifest.

File Information:
Artist: J Balvin & Bad Bunny
Album: OASIS
Released: 2019
Style: dance , Urban Latino
Format: MP3 320Kbps
Size: 76 Mb
Total Track: 8 track
Album Review   
06 UN PESO (feat. Marciano Cantero)
08 COMO UN BEBÉ (feat. Mr Eazi)

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Rich Aucoin - Release 2019 ( Free Download )

Rich Aucoin - Release 2019
Rich Aucoin - Release 2019
Rich Aucoin - Release 2019
 Rich Aucoin’s name seems almost synonymous with positivity. He has toured his music across countries by bicycle to raise funds for mental health and childhood cancer, and his live shows are famous for their infectious energy — even reluctant concertgoers would likely find themselves jumping up and down shouting lyrics like “In times like these, I wanna be a believer”  while being rained on with confetti. His previous albums all possess a good amount of this pump-me-up energy.

Aucoin’s brand-new full-length album, Release, shares some similarities—it has an indie pop sound at parts and is synched to Disney’s animated film Alice in Wonderland (similar to how he has synched his previous albums to films), and features himself on vocals and most instruments while also employing guest artists, such as Dan Mangan, Maylee Todd and Joseph Shabason. But he takes more risks lyrically and stylistically with this album; he’s confronting the idea of mortality, and goes into a much deeper and more introspective place.

The opening track, “The Base,” is a short, existential spoken-word piece, quickly setting the tone. “The Dream” has a lush and, well, dream pop-sounding intro reminiscent of Air, before bringing some more traditional pop elements in. The shoegazey, fuzzy sounds brought to this album (“The Fear” is another example), played alongside the pop, add an extra layer of depth. Tracks like “The Middle” are more up-tempo, like in Aucoin’s previous work, but there’s something slightly unsettling (yet perfectly fitting) about dancing to music while singing lyrics like “When I saw my face look at me, I knew my worst enemy.”

Release is somehow both satisfying and intriguing, and it doesn’t diminish any of Aucoin’s positivity; it only proves there’s more to his creations than meet the eye. The experimentation with genre works, and I’m very curious where he’ll take us next.

File Information:
Artist: Rich Aucoin
Album: Release
Released: 2019
Style: Indie Pop
Format: MP3 320Kbps
Size: 120 Mb
Total Track: 11 track
Album Review 
01.The Base
02.The Dream
03.The Middle
04.The Other
05.The Change
06.The Self
07.The Past
08.The Fear
09.The Mind
10.The Time

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October Tide - In Splendor Below 2019 ( Free Download )

October Tide - In Splendor Below 2019
October Tide - In Splendor Below 2019
 Summer is coming slowly to New York, and it seems to rain every day lately, keeping a grey, overcast shroud over the Empire State. That means the time is as right as it will be until October for a new October Tide opus of melancholy melodeath. Album number six In Splendor Below sees Katatonia expats Fredrik and Mattias Norrman  sporting a new, more illegible logo, and a bit more of a blackened edge at times, but otherwise it’s business as usual for theses purveyors of gloom. Their output still sounds like a mix of early Katatonia and Rapture, and aims to hit that downcast sadboy sweet spot. When it all comes together, their recipe can result in some atmospheric and depressive bounty. However, the band has struggled over the years to reach the same heights that their early output did, and their compositions can sometimes feel a bit generic and bland. They’re always a band I root for though, and I dove into In Splendor Below with the usually high expectations.

Things open on an interesting note with “I, the Polluter” and its decidedly blackened approach to depressive melodeath. The Katatonia meets early Peaceville days vibe is still there but offset by blackened flourishes and Alexander Högbom’s newly evil rasps. It almost sounds like Dimmu Borgir stripped of symphonics and slowed to a crawl at times, and it makes for an interesting turn. The song manages an effective blend of mood and heaviness and it stands apart from the usual October Tide output. “We Died in October” quickly returns things to the expected sound, with morose, trilling leads and a blend of Novembers Doom and Katatonia once again ascendant. This is the kind of stuff I expect from the band and it’s well done and suitably bleak. Music for grey days. The high point comes with “Stars Starve Me” and its heavy Rapture influence. Though there isn’t anything new under the washed out sun, the band excels at these kinds of weepy, sadboy mood pieces and this is them at or near their best. The way the despairing guitar noodling and despondent harmonies play off the booming death roars is well executed and emotionally imposing and makes me crave a whole album of material at this level of craftsmanship.

Also quite good is “Guide My Pulse” which cleaves close to Slumber and Rapture in ways that force me to get on board. It’s downcast but aggressive, with forceful death vocals that keep things grounded and heavy amid the melancholy noodling and doomy harmonies. “Seconds” is more of their tried-and-true recycling of Brave Murder Day, but over the course of its 7 minutes, the band incorporates a good amount of Opethian tricks and tropes as well for a good end product. Not every song clicks however, and numbers like “Ögonblick av nåd” and “Our Famine” bounce off my ears unless I’m intensely focused on them, despite the interesting Dark Tranquillity hints in the latter’s cold, isolated vibe. They just lack a certain memorability and though I never feel a need to skip them, I don’t need to hear them either.

The biggest problem with In Splendor Below is its tendency to become background-y unless you are giving it a very focused listen. The songs tend to bleed together, especially on the back-end, and my attention is faltering before the album is a third of the way through its 44 minutes. It’s never unpleasant but it isn’t always exciting. Performance-wise, Alexander Högbom does a fine job, his death roars are deep and imposing and his forays into blackened rasps work well too. The guitar-work by Fredrik and Mattias Norrman is solid and often emotional, but the riffs don’t always stick or feel memorable. They’re at their best crafting pretty but sad harmonies and those are almost always first-rate. The knock is that they don’t always lead to memorable songs, and that’s the case here, as it has been on their past few outings.

File Information: 
Artist: October Tide
Album: In Splendor Below
Released: 2019
Style: Melodic Doom Metal
Format: MP3 320Kbps
Size: 101 Mb
Total Track: 8 Track
Album review
01.I, The Polluter
02.We Died in October
03.™gonblick Av N†d
04.Stars Starve Me
05.Our Famine
06.Guide My Pulse
08.Envy the Moon

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