Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Offset - FATHER OF 4 2019 ( Free Download )

It once felt like a breach of social contract to pick your favorite Migo: The Atlanta trio were great because they were great together. In the wake of 2018’s Culture II, though, each member of Migos has struck out on their own: Quavo led the charge with QUAVO HUNCHO, with Takeoff’s The Last Rocket close behind. But Offset’s FATHER OF 4 is the first of the group’s solo offerings that feels like a true event. Teasing your album with a video of your very famous wife giving birth to your daughter can sometimes have that effect.

The most traditionally skillful lyricist of the Migos, Offset’s also the most talked-about these days—mostly with regard to the ups and downs of his marriage to Cardi B. Rather than deflect the drama, Offset faces it head-on here: FATHER OF 4 isn’t just an introduction to the rapper as a solo artist but a recalibration of his public perception, embracing the role of proud father and opening up about his past over solemn chamber-trap beats. It’s hard not to get a little misty-eyed hearing the title track, on which Offset addresses each of his four childrefƒn over a Metro Boomin angel choir: “My son Kody, he three, rappin' already like me.” “Red Room” is a moody meditation on the past, as he recalls being raised by a single mother and watching his friends die. And on “Don’t Lose Me,” he finally addresses his breakup and eventual reconciliation with Cardi, pledging to be a better person.

Their two blockbuster albums, 2017’s Culture and 2018’s Culture II, downplayed that sense of culture shock by framing the group’s rise as a long-awaited coronation. But for Offset, the jet lag hasn’t worn off. Tinged with paranoia, shame, and anxiety, his debut solo album Father of 4 depicts the murkier side of the group’s ascent. Though it’s ultimately undermined by its inertia and lack of focus, the record offers glimpses of Offset as a compelling storyteller and bluesman.

In public and private, Offset has had the rockiest ride of all the Migos. From his untimely jail bids to his stormy courtship, marriage, and separation from Cardi B, he’s felt the white-hot intensity of the spotlight and the coldness of its absence. This turbulence has come to define his style, the tortured menace to Quavo’s glossy cool and Takeoff’s stoned zen. Rapped in choppy barks, his flexes shine and cast shadows, invoking losses alongside the gains. “I bring that pain and that rough side that some people are scared to go on,” he’s summarized. Dovetailing with his admiration of Cardi, who excels at navigating fame, this newfound confidence has emboldened him to open up.

File Information : 
Artist : Offset
Album : FATHER OF 4
Genre : Hip-Hop/Rap
Release : 2019
Tracks : 16
Quality: Mp3, 320 kbps
Total Size: 134 Mb
01. Father Of 4 (feat. Big Rube)
02. How Did I Get Here  (feat. J. Cole)
03. Lick
04. Tats On My Face
05. Made Men
06. Wild Wild West (feat. Gunna)
07. North Star feat. CeeLo Green)
08. After Dark
09. Don't Lose Me
10. Underrated
11. Legacy (feat. Travis Scott & 21 Savage)
12. Clout (feat. Cardi B)
13. On Fleek (feat. Quavo)
14. Quarter Milli (feat. Gucci Mane)
15. Red Room
16. Came A Long Way
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