Saturday, March 30, 2019

Within Temptation - Resist 2019 ( Free Download )

Within Temptation - Resist 2019
Within Temptation - Resist 2019
Within Temptation is back with their seventh studio album, Resist. The new release, its first since 2014’s Hydra, comes after a four-year hiatus that surprisingly almost led to the band’s breakup. After collectively deciding that it had reached the limits of its traditional orchestral sound and classic metal riffs, the band needed a new direction. Resist is the result of that: a rough yet polished futuristic album that is still chock-full of the deeply resonate and powerfully anthemic tracks that Within Temptation fans love.

Resist is a call to arms and a battle cry against government powers. These 10 powerful and beautifully-crafted tracks fit perfectly into Within Temptation’s discography. The classic orchestral sound may be gone, but there are hints of apocalyptic choir verses, and lead singer Sharon den Adel’s signature operatic voice still soars to hit ethereal high notes in “Raise Your Banner”. Adel’s voice, paired with backing vocals from Anders Fridén of In Flames, makes this song a definite standout.

Within Temptation are wise in selecting “The Reckoning”, featuring Jacoby Shaddix from Papa Roach, as the album’s opening track. With the unique intro, which bares resemblance to a horn call, the band immediately grabs the listener’s attention, and holds it for the course of this well-crafted song with a highly infectious hook.

Another standout on Resist, and a hidden gem at that, is the demure and understated “Firelight”, featuring Jasper Steverlinck of Arid. The tune behind this dark and haunting ballad is pulsating; its repetitive nature lingers long after the song is over. The lyrics here are also beautifully poetic and rich in imagery. Together, Adel and Steverlinck’s voices are pure magic.

With this new direction, Within Temptation has crafted its strongest album to date, far surpassing the majesty of Hydra. “Resist” is richly nuanced and incredibly powerful, and will surely make for an impressive live show.

File Information:
Artist: Within Temptation
Album: Resist
Released: 2019
Style: Symphonic Rock
Format: MP3 320Kbps
Size: 256 Mb
Track: 25
01.The Reckoning
02.Endless War
03.Raise Your Banner
05.Holy Ground
06.In Vain
08.Mad World
09.Mercy Mirror
10.Trophy Hunter
11.Raise Your Banner (Single Edit)
12.Endless War (Single Edit)
13.Firelight (Single Edit)
14.Mad World (Single Edit)
15.Supernova (Single Edit)
16.The Reckoning (Instrumental)
17.Endless War (Instrumental)
18.Raise Your Banner (Instrumental)
19.Supernova (Instrumental)
20.Holy Ground (Instrumental)
21.In Vain (Instrumental)
22.Firelight (Instrumental)
23.Mad World (Instrumental)
24.Mercy Mirror (Instrumental)
25.Trophy Hunter (Instrumental)