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Lee Fields And The Expressions - It Rains Love 2019 ( Free Download )

Lee Fields And The Expressions - It Rains Love 2019
Lee Fields And The Expressions - It Rains Love 2019
 The origins of black American soul singers go back to the likes of Ray Charles, Fats Domino, Sam Cook and even further. 68 year old Lee Fields has been recording intermittently since 1969. But, fast forward to 2019, and the singer is at the peak of his powers with this latest release. Co-operating with The Expressions, they are match made in old skool funk/soul heaven.

It Rains Love sees the band, yet again, jump on the back of the 1960s soul train. It sounds as authentic as the old Stax, Motown and northern soul release’s faceless musicians. And their instruments come across like they have just been picked up in the mid 60s, with Holland, Dozier, Holland at the helm in Hitsville, with 50 years of old dust covering the speakers. Rat-a-tat fatback drums, sumptuous licks of guitar, warm bouncing bass lines and the chiming echoing backing vocals collectively sows the seeds of success amongst this impressive collection.

The self-titled opening track, It Rains Love, lifts the lid on the proceedings. This jerking soul classic delves the listener into the mind of Fields, he’s a lyrical love man, the Professor of Love, he’s no Barry White laden with gold, his message is 24 carrot golden love, no rolled gold here.

Further stand out tracks include Two Faces, a juicy slab of soul pop funk with a catchy chorus that will have you flipping the needle back to the start of the track more than once. We get the gliding soul ballad of Love Prisoner, Lee testifying to his immediate audience the affection he has for mankind. The emotion is replicated by his paying audience. The whole album is a charming, blissful and deeply moving to listen to.

There’s no doubt in my mind that this is an absolute classic soul album, no gimmicks, millions has not been spent on the album, but who needs that when you can feel the genuine commitment of dedicated players and song writers oozing from the speakers. Lee and The Expression have left a cornerstone in soul records with It Rains Love, the likes of which the world needs to witness more of.

File Information:
Artist: Lee Fields And The Expressions
Album: It Rains Love
Released: 2019
Style: Soul
Format: MP3 320Kbps
Size: 84 Mb
Track: 10 Songs
01.It Rains Love
02.Blessed With The Best
03.Two Faces
04.You’re What’s Needed In My Life
05.Wake Up
06.Will I Get Off Easy
07.Love Prisoner
08.A Promise Is A Promise
09.God Is Real
10.Love Is The Answer

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