Tuesday, December 4, 2018

King Diamond - Essentials 2018 (free Download )

King Diamond's first heavy rock band was called Brainstorm (1974–76), with Jeanette Blum (Jean Blue) vocal and bass, Michael Frohn (Mike West) guitar and Jes Jacobsen (Jesse James) drums. King Diamond left Brainstorm and began singing with local Danish hard rock band Black Rose. It was during this time in Black Rose that King Diamond began experimenting with horror-themed theatrics as well as shaping a malevolent quasi-Satanic stage persona. He left Black Rose and joined the punk-metal band Brats where he met Hank Shermann. Soon after, the two of them were asked to help Michael Denner (also formerly a member of Brats) with his own project Danger Zone. This band included Timi Hansen and the mentioned musicians would join with King Diamond in 1980 to become Mercyful Fate.

With a falsetto so blood-curdling it surely was blessed by Satan himself, King Diamond stands as one of the most distinctive vocalists in all of metal. He first made his mark as the ghoulishly face-painted frontman for Mercyful Fate. In the '80s, the Danish group invented a style of proto-black metal rich in occult prophecy and searing, neoclassical-style dynamics; the singer's solo material largely sticks to this winning formula. But as 1987 conceptual landmark Abigail demonstrates, his music often displays a heightened sense of melody and a flair for gloomy, theatrical arrangements.

File Information:
Genre: Metal
Year: 2018
Format: Mp3
Quality: 320 kbps
01 Abigail
02 Arrival
03 Welcome Home
04 The Family Ghost
05 A Mansion In Darkness
06 The Invisible Guests
07 Funeral
08 The Candle
09 Tea
10 The 7th Day Of July 1777
11 At The Graves
12 Lurking In The Dark
13 The Accusation Chair
14 Halloween
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