Thursday, March 14, 2019

Demon Hunter - War & Peace Deluxe 2019 ( Free Download )

Demon Hunter - War & Peace Deluxe 2019
Demon Hunter - War & Peace Deluxe 2019
Demon Hunter’s double album is finally here, War and Peace. Both are full length records, boasting ten songs apiece and running forty-three and forty-seven minutes, respectively. As a longtime fan, I was very excited when I learn about these albums. I marked the date on my calendar the moment I discovered they were releasing two albums. And yet, at the same time, I questioned why two albums? Furthermore, why “war” and “peace”? Is there some theme connecting them? It seems like it, given the names.

The most interesting theory I happened upon was that each disc is opposite. One, presumably Peace, is lighter and much softer than War, which is heavier. Going into these albums I had two questions: are these going to hold up to the “Demon-Hunter-Standard” and is there some theme between the albums?

Peace is a collection of “Demon-Hunter-Ballads”. War is a collection of fast ‘n’ heavy songs, done in Demon Hunter’s trademark style. These albums are indeed opposites. That being said, they are both good records, and what else would you expect from a veteran band?

The difference between both albums is beautifully clear. War offers the band a chance to show off their raw and passionate side through groovy riffs and an extra dose of double bass. Peace, on the other hand, highlights the band’s softer side. These songs do not have the singer-song-writer ballad vibe, rather, they are something that Demon Hunter has always excelled at: genuine heavy metal ballads.

Peace might put some people off, because it isn’t a typical metal album. There are no songs on the album that will start a mosh pit, however, every lyric and chord is filled with emotion. After all, they are all ballads. If you enjoy the band’s quieter, more emotional songs, this album will be worth checking out.

Metalheads will love War. It is all of the brutal, heavy, riff happy parts that make up a typical Demon Hunter album, wrapped up on one disc. The band cranks through the songs, without stopping or slowing down for long. There are some melodic parts, but as any avid Demon Hunter fan knows, these are perfect complements to the savage screaming that makes up the rest of the band’s songs.

With twenty quality songs to pick from, it is a little difficult to highlight a few songs that capture what these albums are about. But, from War, “The Negative” is a great example of Demon Hunter at their heaviest. “Close Enough” is another solid tune where the band flexes their metal muscles. From Peace, the title track really caught my attention lyrically. “When The Devil Come” has a nifty musical twist, while “Recuse Myself” is a very good example of the band’s softer side.

War and Peace are two very different, yet very good albums. They show off both sides of Demon Hunter quite well. I found War to be utterly exciting and enjoyable, because it was loud, rowdy and stacked to the ceiling with all the metal tropes. But, I was sucked into the depth and emotion of Peace. The band has spent almost two decades refining their techniques, perfecting their sound and entertain fans around the world. They know how to write songs that are fun and meaningful. War and Peace feel like good summaries of their entire catalog.

File Information:
Year: 2019
Style: Modern Metal
Additional: Groove Metal, Nu-Metal
Country: USA
Format: 320 mp3
Size: 233.75 MB
Files: 26
CD War
01. Cut to Fit
02. On My Side
03. Close Enough
04. Unbound
05. Grey Matter
06. The Negative
07. Ash
08. No Place for You Here
09. Leave Me Alone
10. Lesser Gods
11. Gunfight

CD2 Peace
01. More Than Bones
02. I Don't Believe You
03. Loneliness
04. Peace
05. When the Devil Come
06. Time Only Takes
07. Two Ways
08. Recuse Myself
09. Bet My Life
10. Fear is Not My Guide
11. Tear You Down