Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Kevin Garrett - Hoax 2019 ( Free Download )

Kevin Garrett - Hoax 2019
Kevin Garrett - Hoax 2019
They say your first impression is everything, but for 27 year old Kevin Garrett, it was all leading up to this moment. His first full-length album, HOAX builds upon his own aesthetic and musical intelligence from his first releases, 2015’s Mellow Drama and 2017’s False Hope.

HOAX invites you in, grips you with its emotional honesty and meeting of arrangements that will give your ears something different with every listen. Matter of fact, in how the record is formatted, it is due for a focused listen. Garrett doesn’t rest on his laurels. Along with his impressive vocal command, he broadens his sound with orchestral arrangements, guitar, and synthesizers. It’s as if you are flipping through a picture book of emotional peaks and valleys – that may mean something different to everyone. HOAX is the debut album that Garrett was born to make, that only he could make.

More so, my take on this music is that I wanted to make sure I was telling a story and that it was an album that could be listened to in it’s entirely rather than a collection of songs that I thought were good. I figured that out for this record. I was able to explore new songs. This is the first time I worked with one producer for the entire album. I’m typically very hands on, so it was nice to be challenged like that.

By the time we got everything in it’s final state, it felt like it was finally there. I played it for some friends and the reactions were positive which is nice. I should pay my friends more. The one message was exploring new sounds and switching things up a bit. I like that, but this album puts me in a nice position to showcase other facets of what I can do musically, but give me different avenues to reintroduce different stylistic and production things. Things that might show up in other parts of my music. All the while still rooted in that R&B and soul influence that I’ve come to love so much.

I was very intentional on making sure that this was something that had to be listened to at once. I was never chasing a “pop smash.” I always wanted to give people something bigger than just one song. If you really want to convey your message or art, you can’t do it in just one song.

I want people to listen to it front to back. It’s definitely a longer and somber record. You need to be in the right head space to listen to it. It’s also where I’m going for something a lot more timeless. It could end up being something that grows on you over time.

File Information:
Artist: Kevin Garrett
Album: Hoax
Released: 2019
Style: Soul
Format: MP3 320Kbps
Size: 119 Mb
Track: 13
02.Faith You Might
03.Running From
04.It Don’t Bother Me At All
06.Title Track
07.How Dare We Fall
08.Just Because
10.Love You Less
11.Don’t Rush
12.In Case I Don’t Feel
13.Like We Used To