Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Greg Holden - World War Me 2019 ( Free Download )

Greg Holden - World War Me 2019
Greg Holden - World War Me 2019
Since the release of 2015’s Chase the Sun album, Greg Holden has toured extensively, gone from New Yorker to Californian, gotten married, and spent time working on himself as a musician, a songwriter, and an individual in a sea of humanity. He is the sort of songwriter whose strength lies in telling stories from the perspective of other personas such as the young gay man in “Boys in the Street” whose father who doesn’t understand him, or the young couple struggling to make ends meet while they hang on to “The American Dream”. These voices are not his own, but they are authentic and convey their struggles as if they were.

On this latest effort, World War Me, due to be released on March 29th, Holden chooses to use his own voice to address his own struggles and inner conflicts as he finds his way in a world which has become difficult to make sense of in the last few years. As an introspective, self-examing work, this album explores Greg Holden’s personal war within himself in the context of the world we are all living in today, something he is not alone in. There is a refreshing vulnerability in the lyrics as well as an invigorated protest of the status quo showcased perfectly in “The Power Shift,” a modern era protest song that in essence puts the powers that be on notice to expect those wrestling with how to deal with the direction of the world to take control instead of being controlled. The lyric “so keep moving forward now, let the people going backward find their own way out” is the most content moment of the album, finding comfortability in the fact that nobody can stop our forward progress.

The most noticeable motif of this album is the constant pulse of the drums. The intoxicatingly, simple rock groove that exists within nearly every track on the record gives the sense that no matter what we do, life doesn’t stop for us. It is our responsibility to move at the pace of the world, to adapt and to overcome. “Temptation” is part of that process. It speaks to the impulse to just let yourself go and lash out. Anger and frustration needs an outlet and needing to let the ugly side out is part of the process that’s necessary to get to the other side.  

File Information:
Artist: Greg Holden
Album: World War Me
Released: 2019
Style: Pop Rock
Format: MP3 320Kbps
Size: 81 Mb
Track: 9
01.Nothing Changes
02.On the Run
03.Something Beautiful
05.Chase the Money
06.What I Deserve
07.The Power Shift
08.Nobody’s Perfect
09.I’m Not Your Enemy