Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Manowar - The Final Battle I 2019 ( Free Download )

Manowar - The Final Battle I 2019
Manowar - The Final Battle I 2019
Seven years after their last (original) studio release, the irrepressible Manowar returns to the hall (well, two original members and two new guys anyway) atop their mighty steeds, gripping a new EP firmly in their gloves of Metal, and celebrating their latest epic touring adventure.

The first of three planned EPs, The Final Battle I (Magic Circle Music) contains four new tracks and is being sold at the band’s shows across Europe, with a digital version available for those unable to attend in person (or who arrive at the merchandise stand too late).

Presumably created as entrance music for the new tour, ‘March Of The Heroes Into Valhalla’ is a typically cinematic style instrumental. All drums, choir and orchestra, the two and a half minute intro builds towards the first proper new track ‘Blood and Steel’, a song title so completely and utterly Manowar that you have to check they haven’t actually used it before. A simple, strikingly eighties riff is driven towards glory by an appropriately grandiose chorus, and vocalist Eric Adams snarling and growling words like “revenge”, “blood”, “sword”, “vengeance”, and of course, “METAL” with satisfyingly warm familiarity.

‘Sword Of The Highlands’ possesses a Braveheart meets Highlander vibe, the song becoming a sort of Celtic version of ‘Heart of Steel’, while the slow, grinding final cut ‘You Shall Die Before I Die’ is a first for the band as it features legendary bassist Joey DeMaio on lead vocals, roaring and spitting fire over the top of some fine bass and lead guitar work.

As TRUE and gloriously HEAVY FUCKING METAL as it gets, TFBI is a superb, if all too short release which hearkens back to the band’s glory years.

File Information:
Artist: Manowar
Album: The Final Battle I
Released: 2019
Style: Heavy Metal
Format: MP3 320Kbps
Size: 44 Mb
Track: 4 Songs
01.March Of The Heroes Into Valhalla
02.Blood And Steel
03.Sword Of The Highlands
04.You Shall Die Before I Die
Pass: www.satualbummusik.com

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