Thursday, April 4, 2019

Problem Daughter - Grow Up Trash 2019 ( Free Download )

Problem Daughter - Grow Up Trash 2019
Problem Daughter - Grow Up Trash 2019
Real is an overplayed card in punk rock. Its very beginnings were drenched in authenticity before authenticity became a thing, and now it’s a prerequisite, a harbinger of credibility.

Problem Daughter show how authentic and real aren’t one and the same. Authenticity seems somehow to involve an active choice to be authentic. Realness, well, that’s just an effortless spotlight on a truth.

The Salt Lake City punks specialise in that spotlight. In a time that demands attention on the political, Problem Daughter’s slacker urban narratives are personal, self-critical, utterly knowing.

Weave in a few timeless cultural references, distinctive, snarling vocals and a deeply cynical side-eye and you have the makings of a band who sound like nobody else.

File Information:
Album: Grow Up Trash
Genre: Pop Punk
Released: 2019
Format: MP3 320Kbps
Size: 61 MB
Track: 10 Songs
01.Pocket Sand
02.Mercury in Retrograde
03.Modern Stigmata
04.Take a Walk on the Mild Side
06.Self Amusing Smile
08.A Bastard’s Hope
09.Tired About It
10.Gin + Mio

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