Friday, April 12, 2019

Sarah Mckenzie - Secrets Of My Heart 2019 ( Free Download )

Sarah Mckenzie - Secrets Of My Heart 2019
Sarah Mckenzie - Secrets Of My Heart 2019
After the greatsuccess of Sarah McKenzie's 2017 disc, Paris in the Rain(Impulse! Records), the 31-year-old pianist, singer, and composer returns with the poignant, Secrets of My Heart. The former disc opened more opportunities for her to perform around the world in such far away places as Brazil, Korea, Japan, and also established her in the United States. Its title song became one of her signature tunes and is one of the highlights of her live shows.

"Traveling was something that I really had to adjust to," McKenzie says. "In the beginning, it is very exciting. I often describe it as going into a magical world; it's stepping off reality and going into this world that's so unreal. Then you

File Information:
Artist: Sarah Mckenzie
Album: Secrets Of My Heart
Released: 2019
Style: Jazz
Format: MP3 320Kbps
Size: 134 Mb
track: 12 Songs
01.You Only Live Twice
02.You and the Music
03.De Nada
04.Secrets of My Heart
05.It’s All About Love
06.Till the End of Time
07.You Must Believe in Spring
08.A Beautiful Friendship
09.I Fell in Love with You
10.Come on Home
11.My True Love Is You
12.The Gershwin Medley