Tuesday, April 9, 2019

The Black Sorcery - Wolven Degrade 2019 ( Free Download )

The Black Sorcery - Wolven Degrade 2019
The Black Sorcery - Wolven Degrade 2019
Wolven Degrade is the best war metal/bestial black metal/ album that anyone is going to release in 2019. In fact, everyone else should just go home. Try again in 2020. And if The Black Sorcery release another album next year, maybe consider trying another genre altogether.

For as good as last year’s debut and the Beast Spake Death from Above was, Wolven Degrade completely napalms it out of the water.  And like …and the Beast Spake Death from Above, it all starts with the feral growls and deranged howling of Lörd Matzigkeitus. If you somehow still aren’t familiar with the inimitable Lörd M, you are not living your best bestial black metal life. Honestly, there are maybe only two or three other black metal vocalists – Mark of the Devil from Cultes des Ghoules and Mayhem’s Attila Chihar among them – who I’d consider to be his peers.

The rest of The Black Sorcery which includes members of The Projectionist, Operation Winter Mist, and Albanach ar Dheis, aren’t just side players in the Lörd M show. As a unit, they are truly fearsome – pissing venom while dealing out razor-tipped riffs and bombastic rhythms akin to the bombing of Dresden.

It is with great pleasure that we unveil “Intolerance Enthrone” here today at Indy Metal Vault. My advice is to strap on some protective gear before hitting play on the embed below, because it is going to abso-fucking-lutely level you.

FIle Information:
Artist: The Black Sorcery
Album: Wolven Degrade
Released: 2019
Style: Metal
Format: MP3 320Kbps
Size: 69 Mb
Track: 10 Songs
01.War Fangs
02.Intolerance Enthrone
03.Putrescent Infected
04.The Crone
05.Body Coffin Betrayal
06.Wolven Degrade
07.Sawed Strings and the Fall of a Marionette
08.Angry Spit of the Witches Piss
09.Worse Still the Fog of Man Settles
10.Revelation of Dark Desires
Pass: www.satualbummusik.com