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The Chemical Brothers - No Geography 2019 ( Free Download )

The Chemical Brothers - No Geography 2019
The Chemical Brothers - No Geography 2019
Three decades after they emerged – along with Underworld, Orbital and the Prodigy – as field-filling dance-music big beasts, Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons’s ninth album journeys back to the source. During recording, they built a “studio within a studio”, containing all their old vintage/analogue gear, which had been gathering dust since the 1990s. The idea was presumably that by making music how they used to, they’d rekindle some of the old inspiration and then tweak it for 2019 with the larger studio’s modern tech. Which is pretty much how No Geography sounds.

Old-skool vibes abound, from clattering drum machines to acid-house synth squiggles and rave-era big builds. Where their last album, 2015’s No 1 Born in the Echoes, called in star turns from Beck to St Vincent, No Geography eschews celebrity guests. Instead, songs are built around samples again (from 60s experimental poetry project Dial-A-Poem ); Japanese rapper Nene features on pre-apocalyptic knees-up opener Eve of Destruction and the principal vocalist is Norwegian singer-songwriter Aurora, who brings soul to the exuberant We’ve Got to Try, a trademark Chemicals groove that is already soundtracking Formula One’s TV coverage. Elsewhere, the title track is an old-time euphoric raver. Bango’s clattering percussion workouts give way to Kraftwerk-like pretty melodies.

The Universe Sent Me sees Aurora cry “I cave in” over whirring electronica. MAH (inspired by the “I’m as mad as hell …” speech from 1976 film Network) is another hypnotically funky block-rocker that taps into the panicked mood of the times. Wheels aren’t exactly being reinvented, but they do edge out of their comfort zone. Catch Me I’m Falling brings dreamy Lana Del Rey vibes to a melody oddly reminiscent of Lionel Richie’s All Night Long. Gravity Drops is more pensive than before. Album highlight Got to Keep On is also a slight departure: it’s a modern-day disco-anthem with Aurora’s chanted vocals and bell-like chimes similar to those on Chic’s I Want Your Love, as No Geography glances back to emerge reinvigorated and refreshed.

File Information:
Artist: The Chemical Brothers
Album: No Geography
Released: 2019
Style: Electronic
Format: MP3 320Kbps
Size: 116 Mb
TRack: 10 Songs
01.Eve Of Destruction
03.No Geography
04.Got To Keep On
05.Gravity Drops
06.The Universe Sent Me
07.We’ve Got To Try
08.Free Yourself
10.Catch Me I’m Falling

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