Thursday, April 4, 2019

Tom williams - What Did You Want To Be 2019 ( Free Download )

Tom williams - What Did You Want To Be 2019
Tom williams - What Did You Want To Be 2019
Williams recently unveiled a brilliant video for new single ‘It’s Dark Now’, the follow-up to the BBC 6Music B-listed lead single ‘Early Morning Rain’. Described as “a joyous, funny, and oddly moving testament to that sense of youthful innocence” by Clash Magazine, the video stars some of children Williams teaches guitar and songwriting to in Kent

Tom Williams is a songwriter’s songwriter. It’s a craft over which he obsesses, and the love of which he passes on with wide-eyed, fleet-fingered passion to his pupils. His expertise with the form has seen him build up a passionate fanbase over the ten years in which he’s released albums, first as Tom Williams & The Boat, then under “just” his name.

Core to the thrill of ‘What Did you Want To Be?’ is Williams’ collaboration with Rice-Oxley. In his studio in the Sussex countryside he introduced Williams to his Twenty Song Day exercise: a 12-hour shift requiring roughly two new songs written each hour (and an hour for lunch). Williams, who undertook three such days, admits that you quickly empty yourself of ideas. “You’ve said everything that’s in your brain, and soon you’re doing automatic writing.”

But as Rice-Oxley explains, “it doesn’t matter what you come up with – it’s about being creative quickly. It’s breaking through the voice that tell you what’s wrong your ideas.”

Three songs on ‘What Did You Want To Be?’ arose in those session. ‘Some Time’ is a stop-you-in-your-tracks acoustic song coloured with Mellotron about a childhood friend’s battles with psychosis. ‘Stay Afloat’ is a pacy, almost galloping number on which Williams’ vocal is double-tracked, sounding higher and lighter, evoking the modern Seventies Americana of Midlake. Then there’s ‘Keeping It In’, placed purposefully next in the running order by this champion of the architecture of a two-sided vinyl album.

“Sonically, that and ‘Stay Afloat’ songs have the most of Tim on them – all those synth sounds. We both love Lucky Town- Tunnel of Love-era Springsteen, Dire Straits and War on Drugs,” says Tom. “You say, ‘I love the synth on Born in the USA’, and Tim goes: ‘Oh, I’ve got that synth!’ He’s as big a nerd with all that stuff as me.”

File information:
Artist: Tom Williams
Album: What Did You Want To Be
Released: 2019
Style: Pop
Format: MP3 320Kbps
Size: 81 Mb
Track: 11 Songs
01.Run Down
02.Rock & Roll
03.Dawned on Me
05.Stay Afloat
06.Keeping It In
07.Early Morning Rain
08.Some Time
09.It’s Dark Now
10.Crying at the TV
11.Real Slow