Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Air Supply - The Lost In Love Experience 2019 ( Free Download )

Air Supply - The Lost In Love Experience 2019
Air Supply - The Lost In Love Experience 2019
If I was standing outside the Bruce Mason Centre in Auckland last Tuesday, I am certain I would have witnessed a similar cascade of hearts skyrocketing from the roof.
This truly was an event for lovers. Lovers of good music, lovers of romance and lovers of time-tested musicians.

Having recently played concert number 5000 (not a typo!) this pop/rock duo proved that true friendship and song mastery can last forever. Suppling audiences with hit after hit in the 70/80’s, Air Supply affirmed their rightful place in musical history.

Singer/song-writer Graham Russell declared, that since their first meeting in a production of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ in 1975 – where lead vocalist Russell Hitchcock overheard Graham singing one of his originals – they have never had an argument.

As a newbie to Air Supply (I was only 2 when they formed), I instantly got what this band was all about. Their adoring fans, of all ages, erupted into applause as these two musical legends sauntered on to the stage, swathed by their distinct chemistry and friendship.

One admiring fan, elated, shouted from the gallery, “I’ve come from Christchurch to see you!”

They opened the set with hit song “Sweet Dreams” which was released in 1981.  Sweet Dreams climbed its way to number 5 in the Billboard Hot 100.

Expectant fans, forgiven for pre-show anxiety over the condition of Russell’s voice, were not disappointed. At 70 years old this veteran singer can still belt out the ballads with a power and clarity that can match any youngster on the music scene.

His renowned counter-tenor soprano voice reverberated throughout the Bruce Mason Centre bringing fans to their feet. Russell’s highs were harmonically in sync with Graham’s lows, keeping the fans happy as they made their way through a 15-piece song set.

A quiet moment on stage with Graham, as Russell nipped out of the lime light for a cuppa and a wardrobe change, gave the fans an intimate opportunity with this talented song writer. Graham treated us to a poem recital of ‘Impossible’ and his latest song ‘Son of the Father’ – a nice touch.

Never to disappoint the fans, Russell dived straight back into action as the duo led the crowd into a mass karaoke of ‘The One That You Love’.

Making their way through the fans, with an ease of experience, they graciously posed for the torrent of selfies, and accepted hugs, handshakes and grins that extended from ear to ear. They truly connected with their audience.

They were accompanied on stage by an orchestra conducted by the internationally renowned Sarah Grace Williams. The talented musicians led by Sarah added another level to the already sumptuous soundscape.

Occasionally I found it difficult to pick out Air Supply’s musical director and lead guitarist Aaron McLain’s guitar solos, and at times the orchestra became lost under the force of the backing band. Overall, I can’t complain as the sound was rich and of good quality.  

These small aspects certainty didn’t put off the fans. After a standing ovation at the end the duo came back on stage with a three song encore. ‘Without You’, ‘Shake It’ and finally the one I had been waiting for. From the soundtrack of Deadpool 2, ‘All Out of Love’. Even my 14-year-old daughter knows that one!

These timeless hit songs about love will keep romantic moments alive for as long as love is present in our world. In a time where we need love more than any other emotion, I was comforted to see, and hear people joining together and raising the roof with love.

File Information:
Artist: Air Supply
Album: The Lost In Love Experience
Released: 2019
Style: Rock
Format: MP3 320Kbps
Size: 288 Mb
track: 25 Songs
01.Sweet Dreams (Live)
02.Even the Nights Are Better (Live)
03.Every Woman in the World (Live)
04.Here I Am (Live)
05.Chances (Live)
06.Goodbye (Live)
07.I Adore You (Live)
08.Love and Other Bruises (Live)
09.Free to Love (Live)
10.Two Less Lonely People (Live)
11.The One That You Love (Live)
12.Lost in Love (Live)
13.Making Love out of Nothing at All (Live)
14.Without You (Live)
15.Shake It (Live)
16.All out of Love (Live)
17.Sweet Dreams (Instrumental)
18.Here I Am (Instrumental)
19.Chances (Instrumental)
20.I Adore You (Instrumental)
21.Love and Other Bruises (Instrumental)
22.Free to Love (Instrumental)
23.The One That You Love (Instrumental)
24.Lost in Love (Instrumental)
25.All out of Love (Instrumental)