Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Crazy P - Age Of The Ego 2019 ( Free Download )

Crazy P - Age Of The Ego 2019
Crazy P - Age Of The Ego 2019
To be released on the 3rd May, ‘Age Of The Ego’ is the eight album from Crazy P, a band that consists of Danielle Moore, Chris Todd, Jim Baron, Tim Davies and Matt Klose. With the album influenced by their feelings of the state of the world, the collection of work addresses politics and social media.

Discussing the themes, singer and songwriter Danielle Moore says, “I don’t usually write my lyrics in advance, as I feel they’re expressed better in tandem with the music, which seems to help tap into my subconscious. What came out on several tracks was Brexit, the state of UK politics and the way I feel about divisive, abhorrent manipulation by certain media outlets.

Thematically parts of the album were also influenced by the rise of social media, the struggling education system and how it’s failing our young, and the impact all this has on us. It’s been hard to not be emotionally influenced by the situation we find ourselves in; not just in this country, but worldwide.

I feel very angry and frustrated, but sometimes have to laugh at myself, because I struggle to articulate my feelings in normal conversation. I suppose lyrically it is political, a reflection of the times, but with a twist of humour and always a lot of love.” 

File Information:
Artist: Crazy P
Album: Age Of The Ego
Released: 2019
Style: Pop
Format: MP3 320Kbps
Size: 140 Mb
Track: 11 Songs
01.Is This All It Seems
02.The Witness
04.We Will FK You Up
07.Step into the Light
08.Love Is with You
09.This Fire
10.Lean on Me
11.Night Rain

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