Thursday, May 16, 2019

Rammstein – Rammstein 2019 ( Free Download )

Rammstein – Rammstein 2019
Rammstein – Rammstein 2019
While many people fail to realize this, it has been a decade since Rammstein released their last album ‘Liebe ist für alle da.’ Hence, when they announced a new ‘Untitled’ release to mark their 25 years of existence, the hype among the fans surely hit the roof.  The question on everyone’s mind being, does the seventh studio album see Rammstein scale new heights?

To give our readers a glimpse into the new album, we were invited to a listening session of the new album in Paris. Held in an underground private club Silencio (founded and designed by none other than David Lynch), the whole event had a Rammstein-esque vibe from the get go! The very first impression one gets is how the new album is definitely Rammstein in effect, grandiose and theatrical! But more importantly, sees the band explore softer sounds with greater effect.

The album kicks off with the two of the best tracks on the album in “Deutschland” and “Radio.” The former has already been on loop for most fans, with its captivating drums and hypnotizing synthesizer grabbing the maximum attention. Till Lindemann’s vocals are as haunting as before. Moreover, the use of “Du Hast” and “Ich Will” in the chorus appears to be a reminder to the metal community of Rammstein’s past glories. “Radio” takes a much more electronic approach, making the track feel like a synthesized heavy metal track generated by a very knowledgeable AI.

As always, Rammstein have the knack to craft songs that are bound to please crowds in large arenas, and that is “Ausländer.” Almost creeping into the electro/trance genre, Flake’s heavy synth tunes would fit into any clubs playlist. Moreover, the cheeky chorus is sung in multiple languages, “mi amore, mon chérie, take a chance on me.”

Surprisingly, the second half of the album brings out a much more melodic and softer version of Rammstein than ever before. “Puppe” is a ballad that slowly unfolds to reveal the horror inside it. Till puts on his storytelling voice, imparting a poetic sadness to the sound. After the calmness has settled in, he turns into a man shouting out in grief and flipping the whole sound on its head. Where “Puppe” gave a false sense of serenity, “Diamant” is officially the ballad of the album. The shortest track on the album, the track is a declaration of peace and love. With tender synth melodies and soft vocals, one almost expects Rammstein to change gears midway into the track, but it never actually comes.

Just as one stops expecting any changes, Rammstein pulls the listener back into classic Rammstein territory with “Weit Weg” and “Tatoo.” The former being driven by a catchy melodic groove, interlayered with heavy synthesizers. The latter on the other hand brings back the classic dirty heavy metal riffs, pounding drum beats and dark vocal delivery. These tracks capture the exact sound one has come to expect from Rammstein over the years.

Bass lines open the last track on the album “Halloman” which brings an eerie atmosphere along. The intention is clear from the get-go, Rammstein are here to tell us a horror-laden tale. Till’s creepy vocals, Flake’s abrasive synths, and Doom’s poignant drum beats bring the curtains down.  In the end, Rammstein stick to their true strength: delivering an entertaining bit of horror show.

File Information:
Artist: Rammstein
Album: Rammstein
Released: 2019
Style: Industrial Metal
Format: MP3 320Kbps
Size: 106 Mb
Track: 11 Songs

03.Zeig Dich
07.Was Ich Liebe
09.Weit Weg