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Ruthless - Evil Within 2019 ( Free Download )

Ruthless - Evil Within 2019
Ruthless - Evil Within 2019
 Since formation in 1982; the band in question have 3 albums in their discography so far, I am introduced to their 3rd album entitled: “Evil Within”. 9 tracks ranging at around 42:12; RUTHLESS arrange a demonized intricacy of hard-hitting Power Metal developments, the devilish "Storm Of Souls" begins the record - conveying amplified adrenaline, harmonious creativity and a blistering barrage of furiously frenzied formulas of flamboyant finesse & boistrously bouncy fabrications. Adroitly attributing crunchy creativity, groovy foundations of borderline firepower & expertise - diversed with wonderously prodegious ultilizations, vehement versatility & stampeding rampages of relentessly organic substance…reminding me a lot of old-school MERCYFUL FATE/DENNER/SHERMANN– atmospherically & instrumentally.

Consisting of Sammy DeJohn on vocals; the frontman consistently delivers clean, high-pitches pipes with raw screams of vengeful malice. "Atrocities" injects infectiously complex implementations of dextrous guitar elements from duo Kenny McGee & Chris Westfall; chugging into chaotic blends of meticulous mayhem, generating galloping haste and frolicking flair. "In Blood" demonstates the band's dynamic diligence; distributing dextrous rhythms that thunder with primitively progressive technicalities, showcasing quintessential quakes that roar with thunderously shredding rips…tearing up a fluidly polished sound production with originally memorable kicks. Belters like the titular track also assists with experimental efficiencies; embellishing on concretely gritty gnarliness, amalgamated into electrifying executions.

"Fear Never Sleeps" establishes inventively distinguished catchiness; culminating conceptual ideas, energetic craftsmanship in which supplies pounding proficiencies with rhythmic timing. Audible bassist Sandy Vasquez strums with virtuosic variety; sonically seamless thumps, stomping with profusely robust ramifications. "Skulls" excels with savage pursuits of wicked melodies that manifest pummelling meatiness from powerhouse drummer Joe Aghassi; who hammers his cymbals with battering, head-crushing hostility – contrasting fashionable trademarks of old-school, traditional tempos & soundscapes that will trigger your soul to fly in an instant. "Death March" distinctively balances an ambient blend of deadly tightness; transistioning salubriously sinister traits, rapidly swifting with nimble skill.
File Information:
 Artist: Ruthless
Album: Evil Within
Released: 2019
Style: Power Metal
Format: MP3 320Kbps
Size: 97 Mb
Track: 9 songs

01.Storm of Souls
03.In Blood
04.Evil Within
05.Fear Never Sleeps
07.Death March
08.The Brotherhood
09.Cryptic Ruins
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