Thursday, May 30, 2019

Syml - Syml 2019 ( Free Download )

Syml - Syml 2019
Syml - Syml 2019
 SYML, pronounced “simmel”, is the Welsh for simple, and Brian Fennell’s debut album is anything but. Adopted as a child, the singer-songwriter from Issaquah, Washington (and former frontman of indie band Barcelona) discovered that his biological parents are Welsh, fuelling his curiosity about identity. 

Swinging between sensitive pop-rock songs destined for the charts, such as the punchy and empathic Break Free, and experimental electronic songs, he lays out all the elements of his life that define him.

In a constant battle between darkness and light, Fennell uses the positives that surround him, like his family and friends, and uses their influence – good and bad – as a driving force to become a better person. 

Opening track Clear Eyes is an upbeat ode to his wife and her ability to let go of the past. With a melody taken from the Killers songbook of hopeful romanticism, there’s an immediacy to its appeal. WDWGILY, however, is the highlight. “Where do we go, I love you”, he repeats over layers of static, glitching vocals and looping piano samples.

File Information:
Artist: Syml
Album: Syml
Released: 2019
Style: Indie Pop
Format: MP3 320Kbps
Size: 105 Mb
TRack: 12 Songs
01.Clean Eyes
04.Where’s My Love
05.Break Free
07.The Bird
11.Everything All at Once
12.Before You Knew It Was Me