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Emery - Dead End 2019 ( Free Download )

Emery - Dead End 2019
Emery - Dead End 2019
 Having consistently put out records for the past 18 years and making the decision to leave a prominent record label to manage one of their own, you really can’t fault the hard work and effort that Seattle grown five-piece Emery put into their craft.

Their new EP, ‘Dead End’, sees a release on their self-proclaimed ‘Emery Day’ (May 7th), as part of a commitment to release something new on this day every year.

‘Dead End’ opens with the soft piano keys of ‘This Town’, which soon breaks into its punchy chorus that sets the tone for the rest of the EP. This song has a lot of heart and soul, with a chorus that begs to be sung from the top of your voice.

‘The Noose’ begins to takes the record to a heavier place, with screams and a deep bass riff before returning to the soul of the opening track with soft vocal sections. The song never fully returns to a heavy verse that it began with, and in the final section differs enough in tone that you would question if it were the same song.

The EP is then taken into more punk territory with ‘The Road Beneath My Feet’, with its fast drum beat and almost spoken lyrics, and the following number and EP closer ‘Some Of Us’ is a good pairing to the opening track. It’s a soft emo balled with emotive lyrics and a powerful outro that captures the tone of the title well.

Although individually these tracks all have their strengths, admittedly this EP does suffer from an identity crisis in which the songs themselves, though holding character each in their own, don’t completely come together as a whole body of work, and more of a mishmash. This EP does demonstrate Emery‘s ability to produce beautiful lyrics, but needs to feel more tonally consistent to give the record the emotional power it sets up in the beginning.

File Information:
Artist: Emery
Album: Dead End
Released: 2019
Style: Post-Hardcore
Format: MP3 320Kbps
Size: 34 Mb
Total Track: 4 Songs

01.This Town
02.The Noose
03.The Road Beneath My Feet
04.Some of Us
Pass: www.satualbummusik.com

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