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Nova - The Jazzmen Invasion 2019 ( Free Download )

Nova - The Jazzmen Invasion 2019
Nova - The Jazzmen Invasion 2019
 A culmination of all the musical genres that have ignited my passion for music in the very first place. I think I will look back and think of this song as one I HAD to produce in order to move on to other things. It's the most reflective of my artistic voice.

I grew up loving all forms of music, but I've always been partial of music that can make you move. Genres that were energetic by nature (Jazz, Funk, & Hip-Hop) have always had a soft spot in my heart. Electrocute is the one track on The Jazzmen Invasion that combines all 3 of those genres & applies them to their fullest effect. In it, I channel 1/3 Eminem, 1/3 Prince, & 1/3 Frank Sinatra; a blend that could be hard to swallow. I always tell people my genre of music is neither jazz nor funk, it's Jazz+Funk. So I see that a lot more songs in my future would build off of the Electrocute formula.

This music is my own personal rebellion, if you will…
 My rebellion against the overarching assumption that Jazz is dead. It's important to me, as an artist, to find my "voice," in the industry & to see where I stand. I feel lucky to have realized what that voice was early on in my career. I was tremendously fortunate to have collaborated with as many creative & inspiring artists as it took to put together this EP.

The Jazzmen Invasion is a personal experiment testing the effects of my favorite genre of music, jazz, on a myriad of other genres that I love listening to. I believed in the power of genres like jazz & funk enough to use them in this way, & I think the results have been successful! I finally feel like I'm being myself with my family, fans, followers, friends, & the rest of the world in general. I feel more comfortable opening up my world to share with people, & hopefully speak to them about our shared struggles or insecurities.

File Information:
Artist: Nova
Album: The Jazzmen Invasion
Released: 2019
Style: Jazz
Format: MP3 320Kbps
Size: 62 Mb
Total Track: 6 Songs
Album Review  
 01.ork of Fiction
05.Extraordinary Extraterrestrials
06.Beloved (Extended)

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