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Sneakk - Say Less 2019 ( Free Download )

Sneakk - Say Less 2019
Sneakk - Say Less 2019
 In this game, there’s no guarantees and risks are everywhere. For Sneakk, his greatest risk to date is leading to his biggest reward. “I rolled the dice,” he says. From the moment the Bay Area native and SOBxRBE member quit his day job to pursue a life in music, he knew he had to put it all on the line. “I just prayed on the moment.” While that big moment is coming for Sneakk, music has always been in his DNA.

Born and raised in the College Park neighborhood of North Vallejo, California, Sneakk’s musical roots and singing background come directly from his grandfather, who was a successful gospel vocalist in the Bay. “My granddaddy singing gospel, that’s where I get my soul from. My family makes me want to go 100% hard every single day.” Sneakk’s distinct singing voice was developed not only through hard work, but from the urging of his family from a young age. “I would just practice and practice until I got older and got better but my granddaddy, that’s the reason I really do this, no lie,” he says.

Coming up in the Bay, Sneakk’s biggest influences were Mac Dre, E-40 and Tupac, though he admits he fully understood Pac’s messages as he got older. “I started really paying attention to the way he carried himself, his demeanor, and all that. I’m very thankful for Tupac.” Sneakk’s own musical journey is influenced by many legends, but his story is as unique as his voice.

After working a number of fast food jobs over the years, his SOB x RBE family finally convinced him to get into the studio and go for it. Sneakk has known the other members of the popular group for a decade now, but it wasn’t until he finally jumped in the booth and recorded his first breakout single, “Humble Pie,” that it all clicked. “Them my brothers for life,” Sneakk says. Following the release of “Humble Pie” in 2017, Sneakk signed a deal with Def Jam Recordings with an eye on the future. “I want to be able to help and put on for the people around me. I want to see my team on top because we deserve it.”

The future is bright for Sneakk and with his new single “Spray” featuring Tyga and YG, he’s hoping to breakout and let fans know exactly who he is. This life is a steady change for Sneakk, who used to hear people play his songs while he worked at a fast-food drive through, but he’s ready for the challenge. Sneakk rolled the dice and is ready to win it all in 2019 and beyond.

File Information:
Artist: Sneakk
Album: Say Less
Released: 2019
Style: Hip Hop
Format: MP3 320Kbps
Size: 73 Mb
Total Track: 12 Songs
02.All U N33D
07.Own Bag
08.Lov3 In My Cup
10.Lul Vibe
11.Twisted Fantasies

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