Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Ann Jangle - African Dream Parade 2019 ( Free Download )

Ann Jangle - African Dream Parade 2019
Ann Jangle - African Dream Parade 2019
 "African Dream Parade".
This album is quite different from her 11 piece, full band, gypsy folk infused magic that is "Kicking Sawdust".
Her solo album delves deep into meditation & tribal chanting, with layers of haunting yet soothing vocal layers. It's a display of art straight from the heart & a direction Ann has been experimenting with for a while. Heavily influenced by her love for West African chants, monotonous styled beats & rhythms. Layers of vocal harmonies and chants that subtly grabs your attention. It moves you right into your core. Its quite "out there" in comparison to anything she has done before.

File Information:
Artist: Ann Jangle
Album: African Dream Parade
Released: 2019
Style: Indie Pop
Format: MP3 320Kbps
Size: 84 Mb
Total Track: 9 Songs
Album Review  
01.African Solice Intro (feat. Nhoza Sitsholwana)
02.African Solice (feat. Antonio Cencherle & Mark Chandler)
03.African Solice Outro
04.Heavier Than Lead (feat. Keegan Steenkamp)
05.Free. Man. Sun
06.Oh Waking Man (feat. Tim Welsh, Antonio Cencherle & Mark Chandler)
07.My Zaouli (feat. Antonio Cencherle & Mark Chandler)
08.Rebel (feat. Robert Jeffery)
09.Tripping Tribulations (feat. Keegan Steenkamp, Mark Chandler & Antonio Cencherle)
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