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Diamond Construct - Diamond Construct 2019 ( Free Download )

Diamond Construct - Diamond Construct 2019
Diamond Construct - Diamond Construct 2019
 After finding themselves in a strong position back in 2016 following their first release Event Horizon, DIAMOND CONSTRUCT set themselves a challenge while writing their debut album. They wanted to hit the ground running and create a record that encompassed everything that they are as musicians, feeling hard hitting yet emotional. Having spent the latter part of 2018 touring Australia with ALPHA WOLF and JUSTICE FOR THE DAMNED, the album has felt a long time coming, but they are finally ready to unleash it upon the world. Self-titled and executed at blistering pace, this stands as DIAMOND CONSTRUCT‘s chance to stamp their identity on heavy music.

First to hit our palette is Animus, a pummelling opener riddled with panic chords and strafing riffs. Much like Dreamcatcher, it feels like an onslaught with the way notes tumble relentlessly, rolling thunderously along a well mapped course. Much like their compatriots such as THORNHILL and the aforementioned ALPHA WOLF, frenetic pace is utilised, blanketing what is ultimately a deeply personal album to the band. Equal parts cathartic and monstrous, tracks like Paradox feel crushing and weighty, each playing their part in telling the intricate story DIAMOND CONSTRUCT wish to narrate throughout the course of the record.

Submerged feeds us more of the same, with vocalist Kynan Groundwater spitting venom in an attempt to translate bottomless anger into coherent music. Perhaps the best example of this intensity is lead single Night Terrors. Anyone that has experienced night terrors for themselves will understand the feeling of helplessness and fear that this track brings. This is by design, with DIAMOND CONSTRUCT aiming to make the track feel as harrowing and uncomfortable as possible, almost like an inescapable maze of jarring riffs and breakdowns that rip frightfully through layers of manic screaming and rock solid guitar work.

However, it is this tendency to constantly seek bigger and heavier soundscapes that sometimes leave the record lacking in identity. As we rattle through Say It To My Face, we could be forgiven for thinking it is just more of the same. Granted, the intention is for the listener to be left feeling a little overwhelmed, but it can be difficult to even differentiate one track from the next. Aside from the odd flourish, we mostly see heavy passages that at first glance feel recycled from one track to the next. The welcome exception to this rule is Morphine Eyes, which acts as respite to the suffocating maelstrom. Slower and better thought about, this shows a side to DIAMOND CONSTRUCT that should be more present elsewhere on the record.

Following this mid-album breathing space, Hypno and Hailstorm restart the ignition and resume calamity. Driving straight back into the boisterous sound we heard in the first half of the album, only the odd slice of clean vocals offer any kind of relief from the hopeless blitz. Now on the album’s homerun, Wildfire towers tall, getting right into our faces with it’s wide eyed anger. The riff work is some of the best on the record, spiralling towards the less than two minute long outburst that is Attitude. Starting with a literal “Fuck you,” it feels like a SLIPKNOT track in the way its unbridled aggression boils over. Channelling the spirit of early nu-metal, it stands out as being the hardest track on an exceedingly devastating album.

File Information:
Artist: Diamond Construct
Album: Diamond Construct
Released: 2019
Style: Progressive Metalcore
Format: MP3 320Kbps
Size: 93 Mb
Total Track: 12 Songs
Album Review  
05.Night Terrors
06.Say It to My Face
07.Morphine Eyes