Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Eyes Wide Open - The Upside Down 2019 ( Free Download )

Eyes Wide Open - The Upside Down 2019
Eyes Wide Open - The Upside Down 2019
 If you are a fan of the Gothenburg sound of In Flames, with unique spin that’s all Eyes Wide Open’s sound, this is the band to devour! Another installment of angry, rage worthy growling and clean vocals matched with blasting tempos and creative heavy riffs and other tasty elements, this is an album that metal fans want to hear, on repeat!

EWO definitely has their sound dialed in as with the last album and can now just focus on making music that is going to make the listeners feel something. They deliver one killer song after another and good luck catching your breath or having a moment to think about what you are hearing, you’re going to have to hit repeat digest it all!

I honestly wasn’t sure if the band would be able to follow-up their last album with something equal or better, but they’ve answered that now. They absolutely blew it up! Another stunning album that fans get to enjoy from this band!

My favorite tracks on this album, Fire Is the Solution, The Upside Down, Black Clover and Til the Day We Die. But in all honesty, I enjoyed the entire album immensely.

File Information:
Artist: Eyes Wide Open
Album: The Upside Down
Released: 2019
Style: Melodic Metalcore
Format: MP3 320Kbps
Size: 107 Mb
Total Track: 12 Songs
Album Review  
01.The Disheartened Song
02.Black Clover
04.Til The Day We Die
05.Die Another Day
08.The Upside Down
09.Final Resistance
10.Silence Is Gold
11.Edge Of Tomorrow
12.Fire Is The Solution