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Kasey Chambers - The Captain 2019 ( Free Download )

Kasey Chambers - The Captain 2019
Kasey Chambers - The Captain 2019
 Expect to have your heart melted. The Captain may be her debut, but 24-year-old Kasey Chambers, who's been performing with her parents and brother in Aussie country band the Dead Ringer Band since she was nine, comes to a wider audience in full flower, not first bloom. A charged roots rock affair pairing Chambers' uncommon honesty with one sly melody after another, The Captain lists Buddy and Julie Miller among its guests, which is appropriate given Chambers'brand of country soul and starkly drawn folk. In fact, Chambers possesses some of Julie Miller's chirp in her high-pitched voice. While women with similar voices tend to get too cute (and eventually irritating), Chambers avoids such pratfalls with a determined amount of sincerity and lyrics that are both forceful and mature. The kicker is that she covers a lot of bases musically, and it's this diversity that makes The Captain such a delight. From the sweet country rock of "Cry Like a Baby" and back-porch, bluegrass-tinged "This Flower" to the low-down honky-tonk of "The Hard Way" and gospel chorus of "Last Hard Bible," Chambers puts her heart and soul on the line every time, and has the listener believing she's lived these hard times and heartbreak. The result is as remarkable a debut as anyone's made in a very long time. 

File Information :
 Artist: Kasey Chambers
Album: The Captain
Released: 2019
Style: Country
Format: MP3 320Kbps
Size: 199 Mb
Total Track: 33 track
Album Review

01.Cry Like A Baby (Remastered 2019)
02.The Captain (Remastered 2019)
03.This Flower (Remastered 2019)
04.You Got The Car (Remastered 2019)
05.These Pines (Remastered 2019)
06.Don’t Talk Back (Remastered 2019)
07.Southern Kind Of Life (Remastered 2019)
08.Mr. Baylis (Remastered 2019)
09.The Hard Way (Remastered 2019)
10.Last Hard Bible (Remastered 2019)
11.Don’t Go (Remastered 2019)
12.We’re All Gonna Die Someday (Remastered 2019)
13.Hey Girl
14.I Still Pray (Remastered 2019)
15.Dam (Remastered 2019)
16.Freight Train (Remastered 2019)
17.Water In The Fuel (Remastered 2019)
18.Another Lonely Day (Remastered 2019)
19.Better Be Home Soon (Remastered 2019)
20.Heartbreak Heartmend (Remastered 2019)
21.Kasey Talks About ‘Cry Like A Baby’
22.Kasey Talks About ‘The Captain’
23.Kasey Talks About ‘This Flower’
24.Kasey Talks About ‘You Got The Car’
25.Kasey Talks About ‘Southern Kind Of Life’
26.Kasey Talks About ‘Don’t Talk Back’
27.Kasey Talks About ‘These Pines’
28.Kasey Talks About ‘Mr. Baylis’
29.Kasey Talks About ‘Last Hard Bible’
30.Kasey Talks About ‘The Hard Way’
31.Kasey Talks About ‘Don’t Go’
32.Kasey Talks About ‘We’re All Gonna Die Someday’
33.Farewell From Kasey Chambers

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