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Evanescence – The Bitter Truth 2021 ( Free Download )

 Evanescence – The Bitter Truth 2021

Evanescence – The Bitter Truth 2021
Evanescence – The Bitter Truth 2021

 Back in the early 2000s EVANESCENCE was an unstoppable force of goth-infused metal that invaded the home stereos of near enough every teenager around the globe. So popular was their debut album Fallen that it felt like it was issued. Powered by Amy Lee’s haunting and ethereal voice, backed up by driving guitar leads and earth-shattering drums. It was always going to be a tough act to follow, but in 2006 they somehow managed it with the release of the heart-ripping The Open Door. Sales, however, were way down from their debut and the band faded into the background. They were eventually rejuvenated but the reaction to their mediocre self-titled release was lukewarm and a hiatus followed.

The Bitter Truth sees the Arkansas group release their first original music in 10 years but can it make up for the lacklustre previous output? Yes and no. While it’s a personal and emotional tour de force, it’s an album sadly marred by a lack of variation and a sub-par mix that means a lot of the power and message conveyed is lost throughout.

The record starts off with an interesting synth-led build in Artifact/The Turn which leads nicely into early album highlight Broken Pieces Shine. It features a stomping intro that eventually gives way to the band’s typical gothic guitar tones. Amy Lee’s vocals are some of the most distinctive in modern metal and her trademark bellow is always welcome. The Game Is Over follows we start to see that perhaps this is the trend that we’ll see in tracks to come with its building intro. The drums striking behind the chorus vocals are fist-pump inducing.

A sharp left turn is taken for the pop stylings of Yeah Right. While it’s a catchy number, it stands out like a sore thumb in an album full of dark undertones. Sadly this is where we see a dip in quality with the underwhelming Wasted On You, showcasing that sometimes even Amy’s sultry tones can’t save certain songs.

Better Without You sees the same issues persist that we also see in Feeding The Dark. They both follow the same structure and at this midway point, a lot of the tracks sound all too similar and just aren’t interesting enough to keep you interested or really listen to the message hidden within.

How you feel about politically charged Use My Voice will be determined by your current world views but it is an incredibly powerful song that is a true anthem in every sense of the word. The In The Air Tonight-esq pounding march of the drums really drive home the strength that Amy Lee must feel when belting out “don’t you speak for me!” in the chorus. The backing vocals which feature Lzzy Hale [HALESTORM] and Taylor Momsen [THE PRETTY RECKLESS] will fit perfectly within a live setting when shows return.

If there’s one aspect of the band that they nail every time, it’s the ballad. Since the days of My Immortal and Lithium fans have clamoured for more of the stripped-back performances allowing Amy Lee to shine and Far From Heaven is The Bitter Truth’s sole ballad. It’s a piano-led piece that showcases their song-writing abilities not always seen at their peak on this album. It also shows how sometimes less is more. Sadly the mix throughout the album is incredibly muddled and all too often, Amy is almost forced into the background to make way for the overpowered guitars. It feels like a lot of the time you’re forced to crank the volume to the max to truly hear everything she sings.

The final two tracks, Part of Me and Blind Belief are a prime example of what EVANESCENCE are capable of but it seems to be a little too late. The darker, driving guitar lines are prominent and they both have exceptional choruses.

EVANESCENCE‘s first original material album in 10 years is a mixed bag of gothic goodness and forgettable dross. During their best moments, it feels like a revisit to the days of Fallen, but we end up seeing poor production and all too familiar song structures derailing what could have been a heroic return into the foray. Amy Lee has no doubt poured her heart and soul into this album and she has not lost a step vocally. The Bitter Truth is that while the message within the tracks is emotionally charged and penetrating, the music just can’t reach the same level.

File Information:

 Artist: Evanescence
Album: The Bitter Truth
Released: 2021
Style: Alt Rock
Format: MP3 320Kbps
Size: 107 Mb

01.ArtifactThe Turn
02.Broken Pieces Shine
03.The Game Is Over
04.Yeah Right
05.Feeding The Dark
06.Wasted On You
07.Better Without You
08.Use My Voice
09.Take Cover
10.Far From Heaven
11.Part Of Me
12.Blind Belief